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Why have my auto start/stop triggers stopped working?

"From Android version 3.1 the Android system will exclude all BroadcastReceiver from receiving Intents if the corresponding application has never been started by the user or if the user explicitly stopped the application via the Android menu (in Manage Applications)." This means if you have Force Stopped the Looping Video Recorder application you will need to go to the settings menu and change the start/stop option to OFF, then back to your preferred option, this will re-register the receivers.

Why does the free space estimate report more space than I actually have?

The free space calculation takes into account the fact that we overwrite old files, so it ignores the space taken up by existing Looping Video Recording files - the ones that will be overwritten, not the files in the Keep folder.

Why do I only have 2 folder options on KitKat (Android 4.4)?

Google have introduced massive restrictions to SD Card access in Android starting in Version 4.4. Apps are now only allowed to access files in Android/data/<app package name>/ 
Looping Video Recording restricts the folder options to 'Device' and 'Memory Card' (supports multiple SD Cards) from KitKat onwards as there is now only one 'correct' location for an app to store it's own files, and this is strictly enforced on SD Cards.

Why do my videos not appear in the media player by default on KitKat (Android 4.4)?

This is a bug in Android introduced with KitKat and will hopefully be resolved with the next update of Android. The files are still being reported to the media scanner but it does not recognise audio or video files.