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Free Featuers

 SectionTitle Description 
 App SettingsNotification Action Allows the user to select the action when tapping on the recording notification, the options are keep the current recording, open the application and stop recording. Gingerbread and earlier will only have this single action. More recent versions of Android will have buttons presenting the other two options.
 File SettingsFile Duration  A slider to set the duration of each recorded file. 1-20 minutes. 
 Files to Keep The number of files to keep, 2-50 files. Giving a total stored time of up to 50 files of 20 minutes or 1000 minutes of footage.
 DashCam Folder Location Where to create the DashCam folder which holds the recorded files.
 Storage EstimateThis displays an estimate of the storage requirements, it is calculated from the bitrate (determined by the framerate and resolution) and the file length and number of files kept. This estimate ignores existing DashCam files as we will automatically overwrite old files once we reach the limit set in 'Files to Keep' 
 Video SettingsShow Video Preview  If checked then the video will be shown during recording when the app is open. Note if the app has been backgrounded the preview will not show until the next file starts recording.
  Lock OrientationLocks the orientation of the app and also the recording orientation. 
  Camea Rotation OffsetOverrides the camera rotation offset (the camera orientation relative to the default orientation of the device, usually a phone's default orientation is portrait, but the camera will be 90° offset for portrait mode use), some devices incorrectly report this value leading to video appearing rotated in the preview, if this is the case, try manually setting the rotation. 
  MuteIf checked sound will not be recorded. 

Premium Features (Paid)

 SectionTitle Description 
 File Settings Manage Temporary Files
 Allows the user to select files from the temporary file storage (the 2-50 files set in 'Files to Keep'). Then delete or permanently keep (move to the keep folder) the selected files. The user can also select a single file to view, this will be sent to the OS to find an appropriate player, you may need to install a 3rd party media player capable of playing mp4 files.
  Manage Kept Files Same as Manage Temporary Files, however there is no option to keep as these are files the user has already opted to keep.
  Clear Storage Clears all temporary (and also kept files if selected). Use with caution.
 Video SettingsVideo Resolution  Sets the resolution of the recorded video. For versions of Android older than and including Gingerbread the camera only returns the maximum and minimum resolutions, so this feature may not be very useful on older devices. But since older devices don't generally have massive megapixel cameras this is not usually a problem. For newer phones it is worth reducing the resolution to reduce the file size and CPU load.
  Video Framerate Sets the recording framerate.
  Lock Focus Locks the camera focus on infinity, experimental attempt to stop some devices focussing on the windscreen.
 Start/Stop Settings

 Auto Start/Stop SettingAllows to configure auto triggering of DashCam Recording based on App start, Bluetooth connect/disconnect, Dock connect/disconnect, Car Home Screen open/close 
  Blutooth DeviceAppears if the auto start/stop option is set to Bluetooth connect/disconnect, allows the user to select the (already) paired Bluetooth device to detect connect/disconnects for. 
  Dock TypeAppears if the auto start/stop option is set to Dock connect/disconnect, allows the user to select the type of dock to detect (car dock, desktop dock, any power) connect/disconnect. 
 Safety SettingsAuto Stop Immediately The delayed stop feature was implemented so that if there is accident and your device comes out of its dock, or your car Bluetooth stops working, the DashCam app will continue to record a few minutes of footage, disabling the delayed stop could cost you vital information. However it could be useful, especially to test the stop trigger, to have the recording stop immediately.
  Keep On ImpactAutomatically keeps the current recording if high G-Force is detected. 
  Impact SensitivityThe impact force limit in G's (2 - 15 G's). You may have to experiment with this a bit, device sensitivity varies greatly. Usually a device shake is around 2Gs,