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This application will allow you to use your phone as a simple dashboard camera. Background recording is supported so you can use your phone for navigation or receiving phone calls while recording video in the background.

Free Features:
  • Background video recording.
  • Notification icon for background recording.
  • Video preview.
    • Option to disable preview while recording (reduces battery usage).
  • Select storage folder location. 
    • The app will still create a subfolder at this location called 'DashCam'.
    • NB. Most folders are write protected (external SD card folders should be OK) and can't be used by application, the app will warn you if you try to select a folder to which it cannot write.
  • Set file duration, and number of files to keep - oldest files automatically removed.
  • Estimated storage requirements and warning if these exceed available space.
  • Tap screen to store current file permanently.
  • Configure notification tap action
    • Keep current recording, open app or stop recording
  • Current file duration display.
  • Disable sound recording from settings
  • Lock App Orientation
  • Configure Camera Rotation Offset
    • Some devices incorrectly report the orientation of the camera, causing a rotated image, this can be manually corrected.
  • No ads / no internet connection required.

Premium Features

  • Manage stored and temporary files
    • Permanently keep temporary files, delete files, view files (using the default player for mp4 files, this may require installing a 3rd party player of your choice).
  • Clear all storage
  • Set Video Resolution
    • NB This feature is limited to only max or min resolution for Gingerbread and earlier versions of Android.
  • Set Video Framerate
  • Lock the camera focus on infinity (experimental feature to stop some devices focussing on the windscreen).
  • Auto Start Stop Recording
    • When App starts, on Paired Bluetooth profile connect/disconnect, on Dock connect/disconnect (car dock, any dock, any power), on Car Home Screen open/close.
    • Auto stop is delayed till the end of the next file, so that in the event of an accident and the phone coming out of the dock, or bluetooth failing a few minutes of extra footage is recorded. This can be disabled in settings.
  • Auto keep current recording on high G-Force detected.

Files are written to the subfolder /DashCam under the location you select.
Files you tap to keep are moved to subfolder /DashCam/Keep
App will shut down with a warning if run on a device without a camera or a device without external storage.

Caveats / Known issues:
Some older phones ignore the video rotation when recording. The Nexus One for example. This means if you mount these phones at an orientation other than their default the video will appear rotated on playback. This happens with the stock camera too.
If you close the app while recording, or if it is backgrounded when receiving a phone call, and you have the video preview while recording turned on, you will lose the preview until the next file starts recording.